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Nama Universitas : STIKOM London School of PR
Akronim : LSPR
Tahun Berdiri : 1999



Negara Indonesia
Propinsi DKI Jakarta
Kota Jakarta
Alamat Universitas Campus A
Department of Business Studies
Wisma Dharmala Sakti - Annex, 6th floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.32, Jakarta
E-mail :
Hotline service : 0815 914 8085

Campus B
Department of Mass Communication Studies
Department of Advertising Studies
Department of Performing Arts
Sudirman Park Office Complex
Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur Kav. 35
Jakarta Pusat 10220
Telp. : (021) 5794 3751
Fax : (021) 5794 3752
E-mail :
Hotline service : 0815 9148087

Campus C
Department of Public Relations Studies
Department of Marketing Studies
Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur Kav. 35
Jakarta Pusat 10220
Telp. : (021) 5794 2471
Fax : (021) 5794 2639
E-mail :
Hotline service : 0815-9148089
Kode Pos 10220
Telp (62-21) 570 8143 (hunting)
Telp2 57942462
Fax 57922659(62-21) 570 8123



Akreditasi Indonesia A


Prosentase pendidikan pengajar

Jumlah Pengajar 131



Welcome to the New Millennium and to Wide World of Communication. Worldwide, the discipline of Communication has experienced rapid growth with the approach to the new millennium. With advancements in communication technologies and the ubiquitous nature of the media, there has been greater interest in the study of Communication.

Scholars have raised more questions and generated more observations regarding everyday and policy concerns in Communication – resulting in the flux of theories and researches produced within the discipline. In addition, today's students, whose lives have revolved around the electronic media, have decided to embark in careers in Communication – the opportunities of which being tremendous. As a result, educational institutions and the number of degrees in Communication have been expanding. The International Communication Association (ICA) already has 18 divisions and interest groups including Public Relations, Journalism and Mass Communication.

In Indonesia , the need for a degree in Communication is more pronounced than ever. The fall of the New Order in 1998 has spurred a process of democratization in the country. Economically, the Asian Crisis illustrated the susceptibility of the local market to foreign pressures. The need for new foreign investments and for greater infrastructure development presents the case for globalization. The December 2004 tsunami and other recent natural mishaps illustrate the importance of crisis communication. Truly, the country needs more effective and efficient communication people to cope with the new socio-political landscape.

So, we welcome you to London School of Public Relations – Jakarta . For the next 8 semesters at the Undergraduate Programme for BA in Communication Studies and 3 semesters at the Postgraduate Programme for MA in Communication Management, you will learn what it is to become an excellent Communication practitioner – whether in Marketing, Public Relations, Mass Communication, Journalism or Advertising. And to assist you in your academic training, we offer you this handbook – complete with its policies, procedures and guidelines. We hope that you will have a pleasant stay with us – learning and at the same time having fun.

It is a pleasure to have you, and thank you for your interest with The London School of Public Relations – Jakarta.

Visi STIKOM LSPR – Jakarta aims to be an institution which produces highly qualified and skillful graduates in Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising and Mass Communication, to be accepted as a role model in Communication science development and implementation in Indonesia and to be internationally recognized.
Misi LSPR's missions are:
  • To operate education and learning based on cutting edge technology and knowledge in Communication science.
  • To give the best quality teaching to the student and also support them with specified expertise in communication studies.
  • To prepare competitive graduates in national and the international area
  • To implement the three responsibilities (Tridharma) of the institution, to help the society in delivering the knowledge and comprehension of the communication sciences especially in Public Relations, Mass Communication, Marketing and Advertising


Bahasa Pengantar Bahasa Inggris
Jumlah Mahasiswa 5017
Aktivitas Sosial
Fasilitas Kampus


Biaya Rata rata per semester


Beasiswa Yes
Siswa Berprestasi Yes

Fakultas dan Program Studi

Fakultas Ilmu Komunikasi Akreditasi : C
Nama Jurusan Ilmu Hubungan Masyarakat Akreditasi :
Nama Jurusan Komunikasi Massa Akreditasi :
Nama Jurusan Marketing Komunikasi Akreditasi :
Nama Jurusan Ilmu Periklanan Akreditasi :
Nama Jurusan Seni Pertunjukan Akreditasi :
Akademi :     Diploma :     Sarjana : 5     Magister :     Doktorat :



Marketing Contact Details

Nama Marketing
Telp (62-21) 570 8143 (hunting)
Alamat Wisma Dharmala Sakti - Annex, 6th floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.32, Jakarta 10220

Fax: (62-21) 570 8123
Hotline service : 0815 914 8085

Register Contact Details

Nama Register
Telp (62-21) 570 8143 (hunting)
Alamat Wisma Dharmala Sakti - Annex, 6th floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.32, Jakarta 10220

Fax: (62-21) 570 8123
Hotline service : 0815 914 8085


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