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Nama Universitas : Universitas Indonesia
Nama Fakultas : Teknik
Alamat Sekretariat : Kampus Salemba Jl. Salemba Raya 4, Jakarta Pusat
Kode Pos : 10430
Telp : (021) 330355    Telp2 :
Fax : (021) 330343    Fax2 :
Email : pusadmui@makara.cso.ui.ac.id
Website : http://www.eng.ui.ac.id
Nama Kepala Program Studi : Dr. Ir. Muhamad Asvial, M.Eng.
Guru Guru Besar :



The Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia was established at the same time with the establishment of Faculty of Engineering on No­vember 27th, 1964. Eventhough the classes had been started since October 17th, 1964. At the beginning of the establishment, the Department of Electrical Engineering was named as “Juru­san Listrik” consisted of two fields of studies: Electrical Power and Electronics & Telecom­munication. Since 1984, “Jurusan Listrik” has been changed to “Jurusan Elektro”, which has been named again in 2004 as The Department of Electrical Engineering. Now, there are five engineering fields available in this department: (1) Electrical power engineering; (2) Control engineering; (3) Computer engineering; (4) Electronics engineering; (5) Telecommunication engineering.


The objective of the Electrical Engineering bachelor education in this globalization area is to be able to analyze engineering problems, propose a logical engineering solution, both sistematically and practically, supported by the right and proper method. The students are also required to have capabilities in designing and developing software and hardware, and always improved to new technology in electri­cal engineering.


The department has the vision to become a high standard of excellence in education and research in the field of electrical engineering. In order to achieve such vision, the department has defined its mission to produce Electrical Engineering graduates who are able to com­pete beyond the national labor market. The graduates will be capable to respond to the vast

growing engineering technology development though the support of excellent educational process, excellent management and organiza­tion, international standard of competence of the teaching staff and international reputation in specific research activities.


To achieve high quality and internationally stan­dardized education and research, with:

1. Providing education and research col­laboration with other universities, research agencies, and institutions, either local or overseas.

2. Providing high quality and accountability in management and organization.

3. Providing funding resources, which are suf­ficient to achieve the targets in points 1) and 2) above, by conducting researches, consultations, trainings and other business activities.


The undergraduate program of the Department of Electrical Engineering is aimed to achieve graduates capable of analyzing general and specific problems in the field of electrical engi­neering, propose logical, systematic and practi­cal solutions, supported by the right methods. The graduates are capable also to design and develop software and hardware and always fol­lowing the advancement of technology.


Akreditasi A


Biaya Rata rata per semester

Per Semester / Per SKS BOP: Rp 7.500.000, Uang Pembangunan: Rp 25.000.000



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