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Nama Universitas : Universitas Indonesia
Nama Fakultas : Ekonomi
Alamat Sekretariat : Kampus Salemba: Jl. Salemba Raya 4, Jakarta Pusat
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During more than 50 years since its establishment, the Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia (FEUI) has managed to preserve its reputation as a center of education excellence in Indonesia. High performance achievement is reflected in FEUI’s ability of to attain an A accreditation -the highest official accreditation for education given by the government- for all fields of major at the Strata One (S1) Program. The superior achievement standard in education set by FEUI equips its graduates with a high level of competitiveness and prestige that, combined with self-discipline and motivation, enable many graduates to earn key positions both in the private and public sector.

Having the adaptive ability to cope with a changing environment is one of FEUI’s biggest assets. As trends toward globalization and internationalization narrows and diffuse borders whilst making competition tougher and tighter, FEUI feels the growing need to provide its students with greater international exposure. Thus, the establishment of the International Undergraduate Class (Program), aimed to deliver graduates with skill qualification of international recognition, is one way for FEUI to answer to such challenge. Hence, this special undergraduate program is designed not only to produce graduates with strong competence in economics, accounting, and management; but also equips its graduates with the capacity to communicate effectively in English. Additionally, this special class also aims at helping students develop their skill and experience within the perspective of the international business community. In this program, students will be introduced to the international business environment since the very beginning.


To be the most prestigious and reputable international undergraduate program in economics and business in Indonesia with strong international recognition

To produce graduates who possess excellent academic skills, strong moral integrity, and international recognition
2 To provide the most effective support for FEUI in creating a worldwide international network with the most distinguished universities overseas and other international institutions
3. To become an icon of excellence for the  international undergraduate program in UI and in Indonesia



Biaya Rata rata per semester

Pendaftaran Rp 1.000.000
Per Semester / Per SKS Admission Fee: Rp 26.000.000, Tuition Fee: Rp 25.000.000



Bahasa Pengantar Bahasa Inggris
Fasilitas Program Studi

The University of Indonesia campus at Depok is one of the largest campuses in Indonesia. It provides students with a variety of activities, both academic and social. Depok itself is located south of Jakarta and is reachable by various means of road transportation, including bus and train.

Situated in a fast growing city, the campus is surrounded by various economic and business activities that provide students with all the necessities to enjoy. It will not be difficult for students to find affordable housing to rent, restaurants and coffee shops to eat at, and other interesting places to visit. Movie theatres and shopping centers are available and nearby. The campus also offers student boarding, sport centre, canteens, small restaurants, and mini markets. The lush and quiet environment of our spacious campus allows students to jog and cycle throughout the campus. Plenty of parking spots are also available for students who drive to campus. In-campus bus is free for those who taking the bus or train. The train station is located directly beside the campus while a sheltered bus stop is located near the entrance of the campus. Living cost is relatively low and students will enjoy being in this campus town while completing their study at IUC-FEUI. 

Facilities at IUC-FEUI follow international standards in order to provide students with the best learning experience possible.  

Classrooms. Classrooms are fully air conditioned with capacity designed for 28 students each, allowing more interaction between lecturers, tutors and students. The classrooms are equipped with a state of the art technology of teaching devices, such as computer and in-focus with stereo set, retractable wall screen, and glass board. The program currently has two theatre style classes and another class with free moving chair configuration that allows for discussion sessions.

Computer Room. Familiarity with the latest computing technology and access to internet are crucial for the success of students during study. The program provides a computer room with access only for international undergraduate class students. Students are free to use the computers for internet browsing, working on assignments, as well as communicating electronically with other people.

Libraries. Students can enjoy a well-resourced library with a vast collection of books and digitised access to various economics, business, and accounting journals

Study Lounge. A contemporary designed space completed with comfortable sofas for group study or discussions.

Study Room. A quiet study room consisting of cubicles for individual study.

English Self-Access Centre. Students can improve their English at their own leisure at this centre. In addition, ESAC FEUI has also awarded a licence to give Institutional TOEFL.

Hot zone. The UI campus is equipped with a hot zone provides students with wireless internet connection throughout the UI campus.

Separate Book Counter. The program provides students with a book counter for main reference and magazines. Thus, students can borrow main textbooks instead of having to queue in the faculty library. In addition, the program also subscribes to economic and business magazines, both foreign and local, that students can use to find information for homework or lecture assignment. The book counter is equipped with a photocopy machine that can be used by students who need to copy certain articles from the magazines.

All the facilities mentioned above are built with high quality to reflect the spirit of the program for high achievement and high standard quality. The program plans for further development of international undergraduate class area and its facilities in the years to come, depending on the development of the program.

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