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Nama Universitas : Institut Seni Indonesia Denpasar - Bali
Nama Fakultas : Seni Rupa dan Desain
Alamat Sekretariat : Jl. Nusa Indah, Denpasar, Bali
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Global reality and the manifestation of tourism industry is environment and widely open job market for the graduates of Kriya Seni Department. But in reality, there are many challenges to face. One of those challenges is free market that psychologically could restrain the development of local market and this matter also assuredly threat the existence of kriya products. Things that could be undertaken are always upgrading the quantity and quality, either in learning or production of kriya works.

In the matter of student enrolment, the kriya seni department tends to receive minimal applicants. Many assumptions coming in indicator of its grounds, other than curriculum issues that have not been balanced, is the undeniable fact on the poor appreciation of community towards the work of kriya seni. Attractive phenomena also come up on the season of new student’s enrolment where there is a tendency that the aspirants of student enrolling to the university come behind particular trend. For instance, in the department of which learning based on Information Technology and Communication (ITC) or other departments promising profitable prospect, the vocational and art-based department tend to be put into second priority. Solution that can be taken is to intensify the quality and quantity of socialization through extracurricular lecture, workshop and the event of kriya seni exhibition.



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Availability of the number of building at the ISI Denpasar in whole is 14 units, established gradually in accordance with the finance at hand. The 14 buildings are employed by 8 departments and 2 rectorate buildings intended for the executive director. Quality of the building has meet the standard as its construction has been undertaken in conformity with the procedures determined. Meanwhile, the number of studio classroom/laboratory has not sufficed but it has been made an effort to organize the lecture for 12 hours a day.

Management, utilization and maintenance of the facilities and infrastructures are performed by special officers like laboratorian, archivist as well as goods provisioning committee. In terms of the number of technician required, the current condition is lacking, including the capacity of its human resources. Likewise, the store does not suffice, considering the number of buildings and the extent of the land possessed has not accorded with the plan.


There is a computer library having dimension 49 m2, two wood studios of 39.6 m2 with the facilities comprising 4 scroll saw machines, 2 cutting machines, 1 plane machine, 2 drills and 5 sets of wood chisel. Meanwhile, at the ceramic studio measuring 140.98 m2 there are 2 gas furnaces along with its tubes, 4 wheels, 5 table wheels, setting table and storing rack of goods.