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Alumnus of SGU gets scholarship master program

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At first, I did not have high hopes when I began my undergraduate study at Swiss German University (SGU) because the university was still new. At that time, I did not consider the internship and the dual-degree programs worthy compared to being admitted to one of the state universities in Bandung. But, I was badly mistaken because at the end I discovered that SGU is the starting point of my academic career.

Throughout my undergraduate study at SGU, I really found that, lecturers in my classes were really competent in teaching the students.

Some lecturers inspired me to consider an academic career that I am following now because they have shown that study and research are fun and exciting. Besides them, I learned from my Fundamental of Physics class that my lecturer taught that nothing is too difficult when it is treated properly. Through the class and Fundamental of Physics book by Halliday, Resnick and Walker, I really got enlightenment about Physics, a subject that I had not been able to master throughout my high school due to lack of proper teaching. And better than that, I got a positive attitude in attacking a problem. Moreover, I am really glad to have English classes taught by competent lecturers throughout my undergraduate study that enable me to properly express my thoughts in writing and to speak confidently in front of the public. These are very valuable skills when it comes to the professional world, especially, for doing research.

I also found that my internship in Germany was really wonderful. Through the internship, I learned a lot about how everything works in Germany as well as getting to know fellow Indonesians who live there, and had helped me when I came back to Germany. For example, they helped me find an apartment. The internship for sure has helped me to concentrate on my master's study better. In addition to that, through the internship I obtained some money and technical skills as well as a real experience working with German programmers in a German software house in a real project for five months. That was a very valuable experience because now I know how software development really takes place in a developed country.

Granted Erasmus Mundus scholarship master program at the University of Trento, Italy

At the end of my undergraduate study, I was really happy that through the lecturer who taught my Computer Organization and Architecture class in the fourth semester, I could participate in an interesting joint research project between BPPT and SGU to work on the Linux Kernel developing a part of the Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN) protocols as my thesis work. Theory of Computations and Compiler Construction was a minor subject because SGU put more emphasis in the practical high-level courses like Java Programming and Web Programming. Therefore, I found that the project was really refreshing because I am very interested in how low-level systems work. Better than that, the lecturer asked me to co-author a paper that I presented at an International Conference on Telecommunication in Bandung at the end of my thesis work. This was really a great experience to have. Finally, through this project I really know where I wanted to specialize, and therefore, I took Embedded Systems Informatics at EuMI School as my master's study that I am currently doing.

To round off, studying at SGU was really a tremendous benefit for me because, through the many interesting things that I learned at SGU, I discovered that an academic career really suits me best.
  • Name: Tadeus Prastowo
  • Date of birth: May 2, 1986
  • Education:
    • Bachelor's study in Information Technology at Swiss German University (August 2004 - August 2008)
    • Currently doing a master's study in Embedded Systems Informatics at EuMI School that consists of a one-year study at RWTH Aachen, Germany, and a one-year study at University of Trento, Italy, under the Erasmus Mundus scholarship program (since October 2009)
  • Language skills:
    • Fluent in Indonesian, English, and German.

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